While Zoroaster is on hia­tus, and we’re still wait­ing for “The Mar­vel” to be dis­trib­uted, you can check out two comics by my friend Len. Mas­ter Jesus, (which may sat­isfy a bit of that mys­ti­cal mes­siah crav­ing you’re feel­ing in Zoroaster’s absence) fea­tures art by Internet’s Steve Bia­lik. Steve was respon­si­ble for that Samu­rai Star Wars viral art that was going around tum­blr and beyond. He’s also the car­toon­ist behind Min­is­ter Jade, a comic which I’ve dubbed “Crouch­ing Tiger meets Green Lantern.“
Mas­ter Jesus is not just your sav­iour, he’s your Mas­ter. Updates Sundays. Master Jesus Page 4

Len and Tony have cranked up the heat on Chicago: 1968, bring­ing us up to the precipice of the riots we’ve all been expect­ing. A new episode each Mon­day updates on lenkody.com as well as Image’s Shad­ow­line.

As for me I’m enjoy­ing the sum­mer with plenty of good food and drink.
Next week­end Patrick Mor­ris­sey will be exhibit­ing at the Kinzie Cor­ri­dor Art Walk.
If all goes well I will be sling­ing lemon­ade at his booth and hawk­ing Lady Gaga Shrinky Dinks.